Susan Opel

Susan is currently a creative editor for Paper Crafts magazine.

She loves color, creating, and a clever turn of phrase so her position at Paper Crafts magazine fits her style just right. After receiving a BA in English from Concordia University in Ann Arbor, MI, Susan taught English to students in Illinois, Nevada, and Indiana, but now the creative field has lured her into its fast-paced and deadline-packed world.

When the day is done, Susan enjoys card making, spending time with family, and hitting the open road. She’s also been called a Facebook “mega user.” Through Facebook she’s been able to reconnect with former students and people from all facets of her life, and connecting on a personal level with Paper Crafts readers and designers is one of her favorite things! Her biggest quirk is that she organizes her closet in color order (including matching colored hangers). Crazy, yes, but REALLY pretty!